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As nights draw in and pumpkin spice flows out, come and explore what it means to approach darkness and persevere through it to the other side.

So much of modern life has been arranged at the service of convenience and comfort. What fuels our efforts to deal with the pain and uncertainty which still sometimes greet us?

The word "courage" includes the root "cor" from the Latin for "heart". Being brave is not about bravado, but requires vulnerability - opening our heart - and encouragement from a community of others who've
"been there and done that", cheering us on. So that we can feel the fear and then jump!

This free, informal all-ages event will include autumn-inspired hot drinks and ice cream (goodbye summer!), a range of fun courage-boosting games, a time of praise and worship, and a surprise creative activity...

Come along and join in! This is an invitation-only celebration - and you can invite people. We want everyone there to know at least one other person in the room, but space is finite and we need to keep track of numbers. So feel free to think about others who might like to join you, if you're planning to attend yourself, then invite them by giving them the link to this webpage.

lease confirm your own attendance by emailing, or by contacting Edwin directly. However, please do not share the below information publicly (e.g. on social media channels or via a messaging broadcast list).

Date: Sunday 22nd October 2023 (the feast of Pope St John Paul II)

Time: 5pm start - don't be late! - programme ends by 7pm

Cost: free to attend, but donations on the night (to cover costs and fund future events) will be gratefully received

Venue: The Basement @ St Mary Moorfields RC Church, 4-5 Eldon St, London EC2M 7LS

It's 2 mins walk from Liverpool Street Station, just inside the congestion zone. There is no parking at the venue, and local free parking is limited (click on "street" tab).

If you'd like to eat or drink something other than ice cream or hot drinks, please bring things to share! There are Tesco, M&S and other food outlets close to the venue.

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