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"I’ve needed to find spaces in which I can tune into my inner world. This draws out treasure that might otherwise remain deeply hidden in me, bringing a fuller freedom and clearer connection with reality, which in turn gives me hope and consolation. I seek to care for others by lowering the barriers to them finding similar opportunities, so their growth can also unfold."
- Edwin Fawcett

Over the last 15 years, Edwin Fawcett has been putting his gifts towards the above mission through creating music, videos, art, events, performances and workshop opportunities all over the world, and more recently through his psychotherapy practice. He explains a bit more about the growth process below.


What are these “spaces” you mention like?

For me, they are physical places or moments of comfort and safety. Composing while playing piano on my own, silent prayer, and rich conversations with others with whom I have intimate connections, are good examples. I am fairly sensitive and responsive to beauty, so my surroundings can play a role too.


What do you mean, “tune into my inner world”?

I believe there can be parts of myself – ideas, feelings, memories, gifts, character traits, etc – which are not on display to the outside world or even to my conscious mind. “Tuning in” means becoming aware of and acknowledging them, accepting and owning them, and taking a curious and enquiring approach to integrating and revealing them more fully.


What is the “treasure” that gets drawn out?

I hope that it might include elements such as hard-earned wisdom, resilience, compassion, truthfulness – really, anything that grows when all the parts of the self come into relationship with each other and are more authentically integrated. As well as creative ideas and a generosity to share them!


What more can you tell us about the fruits of that “tuning in” process?

Although ultimately I receive freedom and clarity, these don’t necessarily come without the price of overcoming obstacles along the way. For example, maybe I access some unacknowledged anger. I may be fearful of accepting it or ashamed of expressing it. In the overcoming, I receive side benefits of hope and consolation, because in my own life much despair and sadness were present for lack of acceptance of my whole self. For others, although I hope freedom and clarity would also be an end point, the fruits along the way might be different, for example excitement, peace, confidence…

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