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The Book of Psalms - Chapter II
Pentecost: Love & Protection

Date: Sunday 19th May

Time: 4pm open rehearsal, 6pm worship and performance (till 7pm)

Cost: Free, donation only (suggested donation £12)

“The hyper-real noise of the digital world seems to amplify the plight of those who have no advocate more than ever. Yet tuning into the still small voice of the Spirit is needed, so broken hearts can be bound up to set others free” - Edwin Fawcett


Left to ourselves, we can chatter endlessly about exactly when love becomes license and protection oppression. What a racket that becomes.


Come and discover afresh the Advocate who blends tenderness and strength, calling us beloved while saying a firm “NO!” to harmful influences by forming a hedge of protection around us.


Integrating love and limits begins to individually clarify voices and strengthen identities. 

The Book of Psalms is a series of four open-rehearsal-style worship and performance events, in celebration of composer Edwin Fawcett’s fortieth birthday in 2024.

Through the year, Edwin will share forty songs based on the Book of Psalms with his band and other guests - including twenty previously unheard/unreleased songs.

Not a big singer? No problem!

Come along to observe, learn, support and grow.

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Pentecost - special guest Tim.png

Upon booking you will receive an email with a link to a downloadable PDF ticket. Your name will also be added to the guest list.

Doors will open at 3:45pm. The organisers can refuse right of entry. By attending you are giving permission for your image and voice to be captured on camera to be used for promotional purposes. 

After booking, please notify the organisers at
- if you can no longer attend
- if you will need to use the lift to access the venue (which is on the first floor)

You will be invited to make a donation upon arrival to help cover event costs. The suggested donation is £12 per attendee. You can also donate using the button above. All donations are non-refundable.

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